Dear member,
Thank you for your patience while the course has been closed as we adhered to the HSE and Government guidelines over the past six weeks.
But the lifting of some restrictions means that we can reopen to paid-up members on Monday, May 18. In order to play, the paid-up members will be required to book their slots on the BRS system which will be operating seven days a week. This is in accordance with best practice.
The course has been maintained to the highest standard in the meantime through a combination of some great work by the staff and an incredible contribution by voluntary members.
As a club, we are not in a financially healthy position and it is imperative that we get our member subscriptions in as soon as possible and we would be asking existing members to encourage new blood to join.
While in lockdown, we still have had a major outlay in terms of fertilisers, treatments and machinery maintenance so the need for financial contributions in terms of subscription renewals was never as great.
Mary is in the office from Wednesday to Friday to accept membership renewals and every contribution is gratefully accepted and much needed in the current circumstances. In order to continue to operate to the highest standard we are reliant on the support of members.
It has been a testing time for all but it is one that we, hopefully, will get through and the loyalty of our membership is crucial in this extremely difficult period.
We are aware of clubs around the country falling victim to the current crisis and we certainly do not want to end up in this category. That is why the support of members and, indeed, new members is crucial at this time.
Management Committee.